What patients are saying about us!

My wife and I are in our fifties and had that stubborn 20-25 pounds we needed to shed. As with most folks having weight loss difficulties, we couldn’t find a program that we could stick with. That was until we met Dr. Chrisenia White who discussed the HCG diet, sponsored by DesBio, with my wife and I. She explained that even though we would be on a strict 1000 calorie diet (basically lean proteins, vegetables and fruits only) we would not be experiencing hunger pangs due to the way the HCG drops interacted with our bodies.

We agreed to try the 40-day diet and we are so happy we did! Dr. White promised if we followed the diet program properly, we would drop the pounds quickly. Dr. White provided excellent support and coaching throughout the entire diet so we always had our questions and concerns addressed. My wife and I both lost about 25 pounds and several inches off our mid-sections. My wife actually lost inches in her legs arms and her butt as well.

My wife has also referred many of her friends to Dr. White when they witnessed her results and wanted to lose weight themselves.This diet is not a gimmick – if you are serious about wanting to drop pounds and are ready to commit yourself, then this is the diet for you.

Dan B.

Dr. White has helped restore my health. I have been a patient for over 5 years. She is dedicated to her patients and continues to look for the best health options available. Dr. White is my first option for all health care. With the positive results I’ve had, I will continue to be a patient for life. Thank you Dr. White!

Michelle S.

Having suffered from lyme disease for over 10 years Dr.White was able to administer a homeopathic treatment that has left me feeling better than i ever thought possible. I am so grateful for her wide range of knowledge and her charismatic personality. She really knows her stuff and made me feel comfortable and understood. She was so helpful through every step of the journey and i cant be more appreciative.

Madisen C.

Knowledgeable professional who genuinely cares about her patients. Provides guidance, educates and truly works with you to achieve your health goals!

Laura B.

Very knowledgeable and informative! She helped me combat my ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenia)

Cicely R.

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