Leaky gut is an emerging gastrointestinal condition that has proven to cause dysfunction in nearly all organ systems throughout the body. It is characterized by increased permeability of the small intestine and as a result, decreased ability to keep the good in and the bad out. In other words, nutrients are not able to be adequately absorbed and undigested food particles, toxins, and bacteria are able to freely leak into the bloodstream. This dysfunction causes a chain reaction of health issues, anywhere from food allergies to autoimmunity.

Although the damage is clear and the complications are noticeable, leaky gut is still considered a medical mystery. It is commonly being treated with medications that are further aggravating the problem all in exchange for temporary relief. If this trend continues, leaky gut will persist and may even worsen beyond repair. 

Fortunately, functional medicine recognizes this dilemma and has conducted research on the appropriate diagnostic tests, treatment methods, and proper recovery maintenance in order to provide a true leaky gut solution. 

Join us for “The Leaky Gut Solution” to learn more about how leaky gut hides behind unsuspecting symptoms and how functional medicine works to uncover the root cause behind your discomfort. 

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